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Cristar is an award-winning international glass production company that manufactures products in compliance with the highest standards of quality and design in the world. Cristar is a subsidiary of Owens Illinois (O-I) Company with a growing portfolio of specialized products that include brewers, wine glasses, jars, salad bowls, mugs, and much more. Many years of experience in the international glassware industry enables Cristar to offer glassware at the top global level.

LAV Glasses Wine Champagne


LAV product line offers a variety of products including drinking glasses, jars, stemware, bowls, food storage, beer mugs, and more. A focus on clean and fresh minimal design helps LAV stand out at a leading player in the glassware category. Avcore is proud to carry this line in the United States.

Fior Broom Household Product Clean


Fiori is a bright and colorful brand of everyday household products including mops, brooms, toilet cleaners, sponges, and more!

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